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The Zadko Telescope plays a niche role in Australian astronomy, as it is the only
metre class facility in Australia dedicated to automated follow-up imaging of alerts
or triggers received from different external instruments/detectors spanning the
entire electromagnetic spectrum. 

The location of the facility at a longitude not covered by other metre class
facilities provides an important resource for time critical projects.

The core science projects active in 2014-2016, include:

  • Automated rapid follow-up of gamma ray burst (GRB) optical afterglows
  • Optical follow-up of gravitational wave candidates from the LIGO and Virgo
    gravitational wave observatory network
  • Searching for optical counterparts (possible supernovae) from neutrinos detected
    from the ANTARES neutrino observatory
  • Very low latency follow-up of fast radio bursts triggered by Parkes radio telescope.
  • Follow-up of slow transient candidates from the “Deeper Wider Faster” project
    supernovae searches in nearby galaxies
  • Near Earth and Solar System Projects
  • Photometry of rare (Barbarian) asteroids, to determine their shape and formation
  • Quasar photometric monitoring for the ESA Gaia mission
  • Space debris monitoring (pilot projects planned)


We have a number of research collaborators, both nationally and internationally:

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