Zadko Telescope

Postgraduate research profiles


Current research students

Damien Turpin (2013 - 2016) - University of Toulouse, France.  PhD candidate researching electromagnetic counterparts to neutrino detections from the Antares telescope.

Damien McPherson (2012 - 2016) UWA PhD ccandidate researching detection of gamma ray burst (GRB) afterglows.

Auriol Heary (2015 - )  UWA PhD candidate researching evaluation of authentic learning by participating in research projects.


Past research students

Michael Todd PhD (Curtin University) (2013) - NEO

Ben Oudat (Toulouse) (2012) Engineering internship working on Zadko image calibration



Research Projects

Gamma ray bursts

  1. Using observations of prompt optical emissions of gamma ray bursts to probe the inner engine.
  2. In search of the missing fraction of gamma ray burst optical afterglows.
  3. Can gamma ray busts be used to probe star formation in the early Universe?

Optical transients

  1. Discovery and follow-up observations of optical transients, including supernovae, flare stars and near Earth asteroids.
  2. Multi-messenger astronomy: optical observations combined with the ANTARES neutrino detector and the gravitational wave observatory LIGO to search for coincident transient phenomena.

Space debris tracking

      We have two current proposals for PhD's in the area of space debris research.

Invitation to prospective students

For further details on any of these projects or prospective research opportunities please contact us. We are happy to discuss the scope of research proposals that differ to those listed here.